Anonyme Anonymous Blogging In Different Ways

It’s important to choose the right site to explore this growing trend of anonymous

blogging. is a blogging platform that caters to the blogger who

wants to remain anonymous. When you sign up with Anonyme (it’s free) you

will have the benefits of privacy and safety, as there is no tracking of your writing

activity in any way. You can be as honest as you want about anything you want

and there are no social or personal repercussions. You can share whatever you

want in a safe environment that won’t compromise your life in any way.


Anonymous blogging is a form of blogging that allows people to be as free as

they want with what they say in a protected environment. In today’s society,

judgments can be put on people for their opinions, their beliefs, and what they

say. With anonymous blogging, the writer doesn’t have the worry of someone

seeing what they write and having it affect them negatively.


Another benefit to anonymous blogging is that it allows the writer to utilize more

aspects of their personality. It’s like an alter ego that can be anything you might

wish you were, in your day to day life, but can’t be because of work relationships,

social status, etc. The problem with bloggers wanting to stay anonymous is the

reality of how anonymous you really are when you do anything on the internet.


Anonyme’s servers are encrypted, which means there won’t be any way to track

your blog back to your computer, your IP address is safe. Anonyme requires no

personal data to be shared, not even your email address. It truly is anonymous

blogging at its finest and safest. When you sign up with you

will know that you’re safe and that no one will find you out unless YOU divulge

information that is identifying such as photos, addresses, etc.


On you’re in charge of how much or how little people know about

you by what you chose to reveal. Anonyme will be available from your mobile

phone so you can blog from the road and not just your computer. You will be

able to get reader feedback which is a plus as well because people crave the

feedback of others and anonymous bloggers are no different. Just because they

may write secretly, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear what you think about



Reader participation is important to the success of any blog and you’ll be able

to get that on Anonyme through sending and receiving messages your readers

and other bloggers.

You’ll be able to send and receive messages as well on and the design and navigation of the site are simple.


Get ready to join the world of anonymous blogging here at where you can share

what’s really on your mind in a safe, protected environment that gives you the

privacy you want. They may not know who you are, but here at anonyme, your

voice will still be heard.

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