Twitter Tips For Your Business

Twitter boasts of 310 Million active users on its platform. It is right there on Facebook in terms of popularity and usage.

What is amazing about Twitter is how it restricts messages from users within 140 words, thereby challenging its users to be brief and witty.

I have been using Twitter for years helping promote my client’s businesses and our business using the platform.

Here are 3 free super Twitter tips to help your business grow better on Twitter:

  1. Twitter Profile Creation:

Twitter profile reflects what your business is. The profile picture should perfectly fit into the image box. The image should be clear, visible and not stretched.Businesses can use their logo or image of the founder in profile section on Twitter.

Next, comes your cover photo. I usually recommend businesses to use the image of the service/product they sell or an office image of their business to reflect what they do.

Again, the selection of image depends on what is it that you are trying to achieve with your account. If you are in a business where clients must look at your office premise, I recommend putting an office image else images of products are a good start to create a banner.

For creating attractive cover photos, you can use Canvas’s free service. They have a wonderful feature to create a Twitter cover image with all dimensions set before hand.

  1. Content Creation and Promotion:

Twitter is a platform which relies on short communications. I.e, your message cannot exceed 140 words. It is a perfect platform for you to be brief and to the point. You can create content related to your company’s services, products and use your company’s blog links to share content.If your content is exceeding the limit set by Twitter, try using images. You can create beautiful images and post them with a 140-word tweet. It is a method utilized as often as possible by the greater part of the organizations on Twitter.

Twitter’s clients jump at the chance to enjoy significant discussions. You can whenever react to Twitter of others, retweet their tweets and quote their tweets.

Another tip while promoting your content to a large user base is to use the right hashtags for your content. This ensures when someone clicks on the hashtag, your content is there on the list.

You never know, one of your tweets may very well become a web sensation and help your achieve masses.

While promoting on Twitter, I highly recommend you do not get into an online fight with a troll. They have the energy and time to keep you engaged in meaningless conversations. Also, brands should be aware of how they represent themselves on Twitter.

Fights with a troll are not one of the memories you want your brand to be associated with. Although a friendly banter is clearly accepted.

  1. Linking Twitter to the website and offline presence:

Twitter profile of your business can see a rapid growth once it is linked properly to your website.Here are the things you can do to link your website with Twitter:

  1. You can show your Twitter feed on your Website.
  2. Show a follow a button asking site that site guests take after on Twitter.
  3. Share button with the simple choice to advance your substance on Twitter.What’s more, Twitter should be a piece of your disconnected nearness where you’re going to the card, the organization’s storing, flags wherever there ought to be a reasonable connect to your organization’s Twitter profile.

    You can also give discounts and coupons on your Twitter account. This will encourage your visitors to keep a regular check of your Twitter feeds and will lead to a better coverage of tweets sent through your profile.

Twitter is a powerful platform to run your business campaigns. It also doubles up as a simple medium to listen to your customer’s grievances.

Tomorrow, if you have a customer who does not want to go through the tedious process of contacting your customer care and the wait on the phone they make us go

through, he/she may very well go to Twitter and drop you a straightforward tweet.

It has worked flawlessly fine with me. I have possessed the capacity to make two organizations learned to my grievances without going through their client mind office which is generally an outsourced inbound call center.Twitter if utilized accurately can transform into a viable apparatus for your business’ advancement on theĀ internet.


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